Educational visits

We are currently reviewing how we can ensure the safety of pupils, teachers and staff for future educational visits. This page will be updated soon with our new policies and procedures in line with government guidelines during the Covid19 pandemic.

“Gold there is, and rubies in abundance, but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel.”

Carlisle Cathedral


Carlisle Cathedral is a memorable and inspiring place where people of all ages and abilities can learn in a safe and welcoming environment. All our workshops and special events are carefully developed to be cross-curricular, hands-on and exciting for learners of all backgrounds and faiths.

KS1 & KS2 Workshops

All workshops include a facilitated tour of the Cathedral and hands-on activities within our learning space, the Undercroft.

Workshops last for 2 hours for Key Stage 2 and 1 hour 30 minutes for Key Stage 1. Click on the workshops below to find out more.

Discover how Carlisle Cathedral has played an important role in worship and belief for nearly 900 years. Explore the key features and objects used in worship and learn how the Cathedral is seen as a sacred space for the Christian community. Stimulate observational and active learning skills through hands-on object handling activity focused on the Eucharist. Have the chance to ask a Canon about their role in the Cathedral through a Q&A activity*

*Subject to Canon availability.

Travel through time from the 12th century to the present day to discover the 900-year history of Carlisle Cathedral. Using observational and investigative skills learn the heritage of the Cathedral to understand its chronology and how its cultural, historic and religious context fits into the wider context of British history. Through activities, compare and contrast the centuries of history and discuss the future of the Cathedral. Create your own poster of things you have learned to take back to school.

Become an art explorer and discover the different styles of art and design found in the Cathedral and the skills and techniques behind them. Understand their religious and cultural significance and begin to think critically and make personal responses to art.  Be inspired by the building and create your own artwork to take back to school.

Choose between two activity options as part of the workshop a Stained Glass Window foil art activity or a Misericord clay sculpture activity.

Experience the awe and wonder of visiting Carlisle Cathedral, explore the key elements that make a church and the signs and symbols of belonging to Christianity. Discover the importance of the church as a sacred space for Christians and be inspired by the Cathedral to get creative through a variety of fun and engaging activities.



WORKSHOPS £3 per pupil (Minimum charge of £40)

FULL DAY  £5.50 per pupil (Minimum Charge of £80)

For schools looking for a Short Visit to the Cathedral, we offer a 45 minute facilitated tour of the Cathedral at £2 per pupil with a minimum charge of £20.

Minimum charges are set to cover resources and facilitator times.


Secondary Schools & Higher Education

We are currently in the process of developing an exciting educational program for secondary and higher education. If you want to visit please contact the Head of Heritage Learning to discuss further.



See below for some of our frequently asked questions.

Yes, all groups need to book. The Cathedral is first and foremost a place of worship, therefore there are times when schools are unable to visit. We ask that all groups book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Teachers are welcome to make a preliminary visit to the Cathedral before booking.

As of September 2020 ,we will be offering the following:

Workshops for KS2 last around 2 hours and costs £3pp.

Workshops for KS1 last around 1 hour 30 minutes and costs £3pp.

A Full Day visit usually lasts for 4 hours 30 minutes (including lunch break) and costs £5.50 pp.

Short Visits last 45 minutes and include a tour of the Cathedral. They cost £2 per pupil.


Please note there are no charges for supervising adults attending a visit. Schools will be invoiced after the visit. In order to cover the costs of facilitators and resources, a minimum group charge is applied to small groups.

We welcome children of all abilities to the Cathedral and ask that you inform us of any special needs your group may have so we can ensure the visit is suitable for all your pupils.

The Cathedral, Undercroft, and Fratry buildings are all wheelchair accessible.

Toilets and accessible toilets are available in the Undercroft and Café buildings. Please note there are no public toilets in the Cathedral building. Pupils must be accompanied by a supervising adult in your group.

We can accommodate up to 36 pupils during a visit. Please get in touch for further details.

We ask that you bring a suitable number of supervising adults for your visit. Students will remain the responsibility of the school at all times and will take place on your risk assessment and safeguarding.

All resources are provided for educational visits. We recommend pupils only bring with them what they need. The Cathedral building can be cooler than other buildings and we ask that you consider this and bring the appropriate clothing.

A designated teacher should also carry a first aid kit.

We are currently unable to offer spaces for lunches. However, when the weather is nice there are plenty of grass areas in the precinct for groups to enjoy their packed lunch. We ask that you keep the Precinct clean and take your rubbish away with you.

Coaches are unable to park at the Cathedral, the closest drop off point is opposite Tullie House on Castle Way.

There are nearby car parks that offer parking for coaches.

If you are aware you are going to be late please contact the office on 01228 548151.

There is a shop located in our welcome centre in the Cathedral. Please note that the shop is small and cannot accommodate full groups at one time. If you are wanting to visit the shop during a visit please let us know beforehand so we can assure there is time allocated for this.

We are happy for you to take photographs and ask that you do not use flash photography. Please do not take photographs of people worshiping.

The Cathedral Chapter place the highest priority in safeguarding. All workshops and activities have been risked assessed. Schools must develop their own risk assessments for visits to the cathedral. Safeguarding remains the responsibility of the school and the schools policy is upmost.

At Carlisle Cathedral we aim to make visiting an exciting and enjoyable experience. We ask that before visiting the Cathedral pupils are reminded that they are visiting a place of worship and therefore should respect others. Pupils are to be reminded to keep all their valuables with them at all times. The Dean and Chapter cannot take responsibility for the loss of personal possessions in the Cathedral.


Contact & Booking Information

The Cathedral is a place of worship and at certain times of the year very busy, we ask that visits are booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

If you are interested in booking a visit please email
Please note, your booking is not confirmed until we send you a booking confirmation email.

The Cathedral Chapter place the highest priority in safeguarding. All workshops and activities have been risked assessed. Schools must develop their own risk assessments for visits to the cathedral. Safeguarding remains the responsibility of the school and the school’s policy is upmost.

If your questions are not answered in our FAQs, please feel free to email us on the address above.