Our Mission & Ministry

From earliest times, the Cathedral has been a source of sharing the good news of God's love and the advancement of learning. Christians believe sharing love is at the heart of God's nature and activity in the world.

“Then he led out his people like sheep and guided them in the wilderness like a flock.”

Carlisle Cathedral

Jesus said ‘I am the good shepherd’

Led by the Canon Missioner, various people share in the care of both those who join the Cathedral community, and those who simply pass through.  As Jesus seemed to care for people in all sorts of situations, the Cathedral community aims to care for the wide range of people connected to or visiting the Cathedral and grounds.  Although we do not have a specific area of the City to serve (like other churches), our grounds and church are quite busy, especially since we are often the only church open every day.

Ministry plays a central part of any church community. Every believer is called to play some part in God’s team, the Church: no matter what their age, strengths or weaknesses.

All baptised (christened) members are called to be ‘ministers’ (channels) of God’s presence in their individual daily lives as well as with others in focussed working-parties. The Cathedral seeks to equip every member to be a sharer of the good news of God’s closeness and a channel of his love, at school, work, home and in the neighbourhood.

As well as serving in their daily lives, Carlisle Cathedral offers several opportunities to work together in united ministry: the Pastoral Team, ‘The Link’ to the housebound and the Hospital Visiting team.

Carlisle Cathedral

Heart of the City

After many years working together, several City Centre Churches have pledged to share more resources for the good of the City’s residents, workers and visitors.

With the firm belief that God is for All (not just those that go to church), each congregation has committed itself to supporting the others in taking the good news of God’s love to the people around them. By pooling resources where they can and spending time planning together, they will be able to take on projects and events which no one church would be able to host by itself.

Salvation Army | The Border Kirk | St Cuthbert with St Aidan | Methodists @ Tithe Barn | St Georges URC | Carlisle Cathedral

Children and Young People

On Sunday mornings, early in the service, children from 8 years old are invited to join a Young People’s session in the Prior’s Tower. They return during the Peace join their families. Children under 8 years are welcome, accompanied by a parent.  Busy bags are also available from the back of the Cathedral for children who wish to stay with their parents.

Parents and pre-school children are welcome to use the Canons’ Vestry during the service at any time, where there are play-things available.
‘Plus’ Eucharists, specially designed to engage all-ages, are held several times a year to recognise and celebrate the contribution made by young people to the life of the Cathedral.


Citykidz is a group of City Centre churches who love to organise all-age activities and events for families and children.  The group usually hosts events at Epiphany, and Easter and an alternative Hallowe’en celebration called Lightfest.  All Citykidz events are listed in the Cathedral diary and the Don’t Miss! section of the website.


The Cathedral supports several charity or mission projects each year both financially and in prayer.

Current links include:

Christian Aid: in its support of Third World Development, campaigning against Climate Change, and education of global issues in our area. The Cathedral also hosts an annual celebration service for the Charity.

Project Riandu: a partnership with the Church in Kenya to build a secondary school for deaf children.

Church Urban Fund: With many across the land, our community is committed to supporting work in the poorer areas of our nation. For more information –

Restore a county and local city  charity often running op shops and providing hot meals and a listening Christian ear for those in need or on the streets.