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Music is at the heart of Carlisle Cathedral and is cherished by our worshippers and visitors. Preserving this musical tradition costs money - currently £180,000 a year and rising. Please consider making a donation.

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Being a chorister is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which many children have treasured over the centuries. We do not have a fee-paying choir school like so many other cathedrals. Many of our girl choristers and boy choristers are recruited from local schools, but the choirs are open to any boy or girl who demonstrates the musical ability required through open audition. They sing as separate choirs with equal opportunities, supported by six lay clerks. They join together on a number of important occasions throughout the year, including services across the diocese and special concerts.

Our choral tradition has more recently been enhanced with the addition of The consort, which provides former choristers the chance to continue their choral education into their teenage years. We also support an Organ Scholar on an annual basis, providing a school leaver or graduate the opportunity to enjoy an intensive, focused period of training within a busy and thriving music department.


To donate now, click on the following link to our online portal, Tithely. You will be offered a drop-down menu – please choose music.


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