Singing Out

For hundreds of years Carlisle Cathedral has been training children to sing. The 'Singing Out' programme aims to take those skills into the community to ensure that good quality singing training is available to primary school children throughout north Cumbria.

“Sing unto Him, sing psalms unto Him; talk of His wondrous works”

Carlisle Cathedral

The ‘Singing out’ programme

  • Sends singing teachers from the Cathedral into primary schools to develop their singing ability
  • Provides opportunities for children to perform in the Cathedral
  • Conducts singing training sessions with teachers
  • Develops creativity and confidence
  • Encourages team work, concentration and social integration

One recent participant said “I didn’t think that I would enjoy singing but it was ace!”

At recent concerts in the Cathedral proud parents have been reduced to tears at the sheer joy of seeing children revelling in the music they have learnt to sing. The pleasure singing brings to the children themselves is obvious. This is a project is one which delivers wonderful results and we hope you share our enthusiasm for it.

Supporting the Project

If you would like to support the work of the Outreach programme please contact the Head of Fundraising.